Homepage of LA6IM (aka TF8BK)

Radio propagation:

My first ever homepage came online back in 1998 when living in Iceland. At that time the old domain was hosted by Simnet in Iceland (www.simnet.is). I have since changed the URL a number of times, until the latest domain www.la6im.no was established and activated in autumn of 2019 and has now taken over as primary.

Articles have been “copied & pasted” from the old layouts (with required adjustments to fit newer setup), and new ones have since been added.


Should you have any suggestions, or comments, to the contents herein, feel free to send me an e-mail to the below e-mail address:


Murphy’s Law:
When nothing can go wrong -, it will !

My nightmare:
Allowing Mr. Murphy access to my web-pages ! 

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