Status logging

Well, at least I have now finished typing in the contents of my old paper logs into the digital logs. Remaining work is to ensure that correct Station Locations are used for each log insert. Following this, start going through…

Backlog in logging QSOs and submitting QSLs

Having been dormant for around 40 years on HF, it will take quite some time to: This will (unfortunately) take time, but at least I have started. So, don’t be surprised if you suddenly receive QSO confirmations from LA6IM or…

Finally QRV on HF again!

I obviously needed to activate the blog function on this webpage, makes life much easier when it comes to publishing updates … I have «suddenly» become active on HF again, this time with FT8!! A fellow ham has been talking…

New webpage launch

The new WordPress webpage has been launched, but finetuning will still be required. Please give me feedback if you find any errors (typos or broken links), or if you feel things are missing.

Webpage on new domain

My webpage has now been published on my new domain Redirects from the old domains remain in place until further notice, but please update your links as soon as possible.

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