Backlog in logging QSOs and submitting QSLs

Having been dormant for around 40 years on HF, it will take quite some time to:

  • Recover and dust off old paperlogs
  • Manually convert the contents of your old paperlogs into new “fancy” digital logs, like HRD Logbook and LoTW (the latter assisted by tQSL)
  • Ensure you understand how new suggested software solutions for radioamateurs work, which hopefully will assist you in easing the workload and do the job properly
  • Make sure you have defined and covered all your different “Station Locations” over the years, to confirm QSOs from the correct places. Having moved a lot over the last 50 years just adds to the challenge
  • I think I sent out my last paper QSL card in 1985, which may result in having to produce new ones, depending on any logged activity since then. And -, this comes in addition to updating and checking out the QSL-portions of the new digital logbooks
  • Maybe eQSL will be the solution for this? We’ll see …

This will (unfortunately) take time, but at least I have started. So, don’t be surprised if you suddenly receive QSO confirmations from LA6IM or TF8BK dating back way then. Better late than never, or so they say …

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