Faulty hotspot

Please download these three videos for clarification:

  1. Boot upside down
  2. Boot and traffic – NO RF in or out!
  3. Faulty display action about 20 secs after activity

Hotspot is mounted on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 and loaded with a normal Pi-Star setup Micro-SD card for DMR (setup confirmed on other Hotspots, both before and after this test, all ok).

During boot, LED D2 is white, and not green as normal. There is no light in the LED for DMR.

Please note that the Hotspot does not transmit or receive RF at all, it is completely dead on the radioside. Only action which seems to be correct is decoding and displayed info via Internet (Brandmeister), at least the diplay indicates this.

Please let me know when you have downloaded the videos so they can be deleted from the server.

Please contact me via email for follow-up.

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