Finally QRV on HF again!

I obviously needed to activate the blog function on this webpage, makes life much easier when it comes to publishing updates …

I have «suddenly» become active on HF again, this time with FT8!!

A fellow ham has been talking about this mode for some time, and I realized that maybe, just maybe, I could use one of my mobile whip antennas on the balcony outside my flat. Guess what? It worked!! So, after more centuries off air on HF, I am back … About time too.
Equipment in use is my IC-7300 (which has finally escaped the original shipment box), running between 10 and 50W into a Buddistick, single band mobile whip, or the Outbacker Junior (1.2m «long») antenna, These are pretty close to being a dummyload, but they work!

So, right now, I am hoping that both CW and SSB will also become part of the HF-activity this coming autumn.

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