Amateur Radio

Amateur-Radio has been my main hobby since the beginning of the sixties, and I obtained my A-license (LA6IM) in May 69, same year I finished my Radio Officers exam. This hobby and my profession goes more or less hand in hand, radio-communication being the key-word. Since I first started there has off course been periods when my interest in Amateur Radio has been close to zero, but it has never gone away completely. During my years in Bergen, I was a member of the Bergen group of NRRL, and even elected Chairman for a year. For some years I also taught novices in Morse-code, novices who wanted to obtain their Radio Amateurs license.

The last ten years or so Packet Radio was the main mode of operation, as a member of LAPRG (LA Packet Radio Group) and I was also one of the FBB Beta-testers (see the Amateur Radio page). Was also a beta-tester and data-collector for HAMMAP (a map-program by DJ6FM for Amateur Radio use).

Moving to Iceland first time in 1996, obtaining my Guest-license (LA6IM/TF), the possibility of putting up antennas proved to be impossible, so the little activity I enjoyed was mostly through mobile operations on 2m and 70cm, and occasionally on HF with my Icom IC-706MkII. In 2002, now with my TF8BK license, I hoped to be able to use the Morse-key again, i.e. after removing years of accumulated dust and practicing wrist-movements, but same antenna issues occured again.

As a follow-up from previous Packet experience I turned to APRS, or Automatic Packet Reporting System, as designed by WB4APR Bob Bruninga. With some spare time on my hands, I spent quite some hours reading and experimenting to ensure I knew what this was all about. This resulted later in a new webdomain called APRSLA.NET. Ever since my days in Iceland, this branch of the hobby has evolved, but as we moved back to Norway, most of my previous translations into English was discontinued.

Later D-STAR (or digital voice and data) came about, and this is another interesting branch of the hobby, to be used on VHF, UHF and SHF.

Anyways, as a Radio Amateur I feel it is natural to devote most of my homepage to this hobby (also called HAM-Radio in some countries). From the above menu, you can also find links to the individual Nordic Radio Amateur organizations.


My real big passion as a young boy, and also later in my adult life, was sailing and sailing-boats/yachts. I had the pleasure of being skipper of my own 28ft sailing-yacht (Maxi 84) back in the 80’s, but because of my work-situation, and where we lived at that time, it was impossible to continue. So the yacht was sold, and it was back to reading magazines about it.

I did however, go through a “Day Skipper” course a couple of years back (in the old days nobody needed a certificate to sail), but I must admit it was well worth the effort and the money.

In this respect, regardless of nationality, I highly recommend the Royal Yachting Association”s (RYA) books, publications and training courses, both for the novice, the “one who thinks he knows it all”, and the experienced sailor.

We all have something to learn, so if you are interested in sailing and come across RYA, go for it. My former memberships include “Bergens Seilforening“, “Stavanger Seilforening” and the “Joint Services Sailing Club, Stavanger”.

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